Burger King’s new big, fat Whopper scares me!

23 Jan

As one of those sad and grey individuals currently forcing myself through a January diet, it’s both wonderfully heartening and terribly horrifying to learn of the newest burger to hit the UK high street.

Copyright Burger King.

It's beautiful, isn't it? (Bet it doesn't look like that IRL.)

Burger King’s Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Double Angus sounds real, real good on paper. You’ve got two burgers, weighing in at 6.4oz, bacon, cheese and “steakhouse” sauce. They also slip you some lettuce, tomato and onion, for the feel-good salad factor.

What aren’t so tasty, however, are the 966 calories that comprise it.

Here are the stats:



Protein 62g 55g
Fat 58g 95g
Sat fat 23g 30g
Carbohydrates 42g 300g
Refined sugar 9g 40g
Salt 2.65g 6g
Fibre 3g 24g
Calories 966 2,500

(From Daily Mail Website)

Understandably, the UK’s healthy-food campaigners have… Well, they haven’t had a heart attack, but they’ve definitely dropped their nut-and-seed mix in consternation. The National Obesity Forum had a few choice words:

This horrendous burger is a graphic illustration of where the government’s obesity strategy has gone wrong.

The strategy is supposed to be a Deal between the Department of Health and the food industry whereby industry pledges to be responsible in marketing its food.

This burger is the height of irresponsibility and, if left unfettered, the food industry will do nothing to help stem the current obesity epidemic.

(Tam Fry, Spokesperson for the National Obesity forum to Mail Online

This burger falls down at quite a few of the hurdles the government set last year. By the start of this year, the government had pledged to reduce salt in foods, promote healthier food choices and encourage fast food restaurants to have healthier food.

A burger which is half the daily recommended allowance of salt, which will probably be heavily advertised, while the healthy option is a chicken salad. Or a plain salad.

If the government don’t make a start now, we could end up like the Americans. They don’t need to worry about a 966 calorie burger. Across the pond, where 44 million Americans are obese, they have a something called Carl’s Jr. And in Carl’s Jr they have something called the Double Six Dollar Burger, which has a staggering 1520 calories.

In fact, there are more than 15 American burgers boasting over 1000 calories.

There hasn’t been an article about it.

Loads of suggestions have been flying around – should the US restrict force fast food restaurants to post fat and sugar content on the menu? Should they tax fat in foods, like Denmark?

Is it really the government’s place to sort us out?

As long as the information’s out there for people to find – and as long as we don’t have a burger for breakfast, lunch and dinner – people should be able to look after themselves.

According to completely accurate, non-satirical “news” website The Daily Mash, a Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Double Angus is more attractive than intercourse with a British woman. There was (apparently) a study, and everything.

Professor Henry Brubaker (who I’m sure is real) suggested that British women up their “cheese quotient” but I think that’s exactly the wrong thing to do.

Instead, recall the horror of watching Half-Ton Teen on TV and get to that GYM!!


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