Axed EMA stops talented students from Higher Education

4 Nov

Schools in the borough have finally climbed to the top of the GCSE league tables, but with the government set to axe EMA, will Barking and Dagenham’s brightest be wasted?


Eastbrook School

Schools GCSE results are getting steadily better

More than three quarters of local GCSE pupils achieved five or more A* – C grades, beating the national average, which was about 70%.

Cllr Rocky Gill, Cabinet Member for Education and Children, said: “I’d like to congratulate Barking and Dagenham’s pupils who worked hard to achieve record-breaking results.

“We are improving year on year and the official figures speak for themselves.”

However there is a possibility that many gifted local pupils will not continue their education because of funding.

Depending on household income, EMA, or Educational Maintenance Allowance pays between £10 and £30 per week to 16-19 year olds who stay in education.

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