The Americans ft. Sean Lennon – Requiem

2 Nov

Have you heard of the classic 1970’s film, Harold and Maude? It’s the story of a young, rich teenager who likes to spend his spare time faking suicide to get attention.

Sound weird? Are you wondering what this has to do with music, at all? Well, Harold and Maude was the inspiration behind the video for ‘Requiem’, The Americans new single.


From Bill's Music Forum

Well, they don't look so depressed now



Described as indie, power-pop, doo-wop and blues, The Americans seem to bring together a melting pot of musical ideals to create an effortlessly laid back track.

Slightly reminiscent of cooler version of Jamie Cullem, Charlie Klarsfeld’s vocals are perfectly suited to the track, a requiem, a song for the dead.

There’s even something about the melancholy bass strumming along in he background that brings it in line with the other pop-folk songs that have rocketed up the charts this year. The difference being here that the blues tinged edge creates a song much more mellow.

But, oddly enough, despite the ‘Harold & Maude’ video, ‘Requiem’ manages to tell a story without being depressing. In fact it’s quite cute.

In being influenced by such a variety of sources (Nina Simone, Jimi Hendrix, Prince and Stevie Wonder to name a few) The Americans have created something entirely their own.

And they know exactly who they are.


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