Talay Riley – Humanoid

21 Oct

Talay Riley is more than just the triple threat. He’s a humanoid: a robot that in a human’s body, cranking out hits for all the big names.
(And it must be said, the body he has chosen is mighty fine.)

‘Humanoid’ is his debut single, a pulsating electro track with a tribal dancehall style beat – a mix of booty-shaking base and a catchy Robyn-style monotone vocal.

As well as being an all singing, all dancing model-esque statue of a man, the song-writer and producer has worked with Tinie Tempah, JLS and Tinchy Stryder.

Think you’ve heard those dulcet tones before? Talay featured on Chipmunk’s ‘Look for Me’ after writing his top 10 hit ‘Oopsy Daisy’.

Over in the US, where he has been perfecting his album – wait for it, due 2011 – such big names as Justin Bieber and Jamie Foxx have been working with him too.

A ‘Morning After Dark’ type, dark urban-pop track, the American influence is palatable. ‘Humanoid’ is edgier than anything else the UK r’n’b scene has offered so far this year.

Flashing up 10 times during the video just like a subliminal message Talay’s name stays in your brain – as unforgettable as ‘Humanoid’s beat.
Like the Terminator, he’ll be back.

This story can also be found on GetToTheFront


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