Labrinth – Let the Sunshine

6 Oct

Describing an artist as a pop act can be seen as an insult these days.

Everyone is trying to be cooler and more eclectic, but for Labrinth it seems the key to his future chart success is his versatility.

His debut track, ‘Let the Sunshine’ is a true feel good dance anthem – a far cry from the dirty bassline of his chart-topping collaboration with Tinie Tempah, ‘Pass Out’.

Artists from the likes of Pixie Lott and Cheryl Cole to Professor Green and N-Dubz are waiting to use the 21-year-old’s talent to craft a hit for them, but most likely the singer-songwriter-producer and multi-instrumentalist keeps the best ones for himself.

As Simon Cowell’s first non-talent show signing in six years Labrinth has a harder job of winning the public over than his fellow Syco Music mates, but with such a catchy sound who could resist?

Up and Coming Talent

Labrinth, letting the Sun Shine, baby.

Now, although Simon was trying to find something edgy with Labrinth, ‘Let the Sunshine’  is a mixture of soulful crooning and a Hellogoodbye-style electro track which may just be the perfect kind of pop – uplifting, fun and with more than a smattering of talent.

Pay attention because Labrinth is ready to step out of the shadows to ‘Let the Sunshine’ on him for once… And who knows what he’ll come out with next?

Labrinth’s ‘Let the Sunshine’ will be available to download on iTunes from 26th September 2010.


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