Hong Kong: On airports and loved ones.

21 Aug

So this is Hong Kong diary one… Well not quite.

Going up!


The anticipation was building  and as I got to the gate, in the midst of my see-you-soon calls I hear over the tannoy that there is an engine fault with my plane. They need to fix, test, retest for about an hour, but here’s a £7 food voucher.

Seeing as I just spent £6.95 on breakfast (as beautiful as it may have been – mother, I know I have been sharing your diet with you, but this was too hard to resist – a continental  breakfast with an apple strudel, croissant, brioche, and a tiny, crumbly, gorgeous banana muffin.)

I was understandably peeved. Then again, who turns down a free lunch?

Deep down I felt as though it was a ploy by the airport to make me spend more money. As much as I try to portray a person with a half-full cup, mine is half empty, and someone else drank it.

I spent £2.04 (take that, Heathrow!) on a new nail buffer. I know I probably won’t use it though.

Somewhere over England. Or Europe.

Off I go...

To me, it seems that the older you are, the more fears you develop. There’s more room to stop and think, when you’re two inches taller. On my maiden voyage to Australia, I didn’t think about plane crashes, or loneliness, or the people I’d left behind.

I didn’t even think about where I was going, or what I would see.

Primarily, I thought about the Army boy next to me, and that we were born two days apart – isn’t that funny? and “I can’t believe they made you travel alone for that!”

I’ve always loved people, especially the ones with a story.

Hong Kong Airport

Touchdown... What comes next!

Now I pensively watched the rise and fall of the wing parts, and counted clouds like sheep to forget that my brother couldn’t choke back tears at the thought of my five-day-departure.

So maybe there is more to leave behind, but my eyes are more open to what I may now see.

Let’s go!


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