Black, female Labour Candidate? Yes please!

18 Jun

Diane Abbott, MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington is in the race to be the first Black leader of the Labour party – oh, I know they’re not in power at the moment, but think of how amazing it would be if they climbed back out of the dust and she became our Black, female Prime Minister!

Labour Candidates 2010

Spot the Difference?

It was pretty much by the skin of her teeth though – Diane was only able to be the fifth contender in the race because David Milliband made his lackeys give her the last, crucial votes. It’s almost like some kind of handout because he thinks she won’t win, but it’ll look good for his PR if he puts her in the race.

And yet, I don’t care.

The daughter of Jamaican immigrants, a journalist, a single mother, a politician and a trend setter, Diane Abbott is the founder of Black Women Mean Business in 1992, to support and celebrate Black women in business.

Obviously, no career is without controversy, and she was recently slammed in the press for sending her child to private school. She defended herself by saying that there was only one decent school in the area when her son was due to start secondary school, and it was about to close!

I don’t think a defence was even needed. She’s worked for what she has – why be sorry for giving your child the best you can?

From the Cambridge uni website

Diane has a Masters in History from Cambridge. Posh one, she is!

Best of all, apart from the vote for her because she’s black mentality, she says things which make sense.

Focus on her aims to keep a tight rein on the business sector, to make Britain more economically equal, or on her aim to help people with their retirements, or keep on subsidising the arts!

Then again, maybe I’m just determined to see the best in her because she’s “like me.”


One Response to “Black, female Labour Candidate? Yes please!”

  1. Thim Olsson June 23, 2010 at 9:34 pm #

    I would be truly amazed if she gets anywhere in the leadership battle, though, stranger things have happened.

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