I’m back! And so are the Muslims Against the Crusades

15 Jun

It’s been far too long. 

I haven’t had enough time to look at a newspaper, let along drag myself to my doddery old laptop and form an opinion on anything! But it’s the summer holidays – and as I like to keep reminding people who work full time – I don’t have anything to do! 

Flyer for the event.


So here’s the first thing that I HAVE to talk about – so many people in good old B&D have no idea this is going on – I didn’t, until yesterday. But the Royal Anglian Regiment are currently (by this I mean, they started an hour ago, and are probably still at it) trooping the “freedom of the borough” around Barking. 

It’s an honour, it probably looks really cool, all bells and whistles and all that – and good on them! Unfortunately, a group called Muslims Against the Crusades are going to disrupt it by “shouting murderers, and waving flags.” 

That’s a direct quote, my friends. 

There was a clash between the English Defense League (read BNP-ish, people) and the Muslims. A quick one, and no one was injured, but still. 

I’m in the middle here, as ever. Obviously, people are allowed freedom of speech, but religious zealots of any and every kind just get on my nerves – what happened to all things in moderation? 

People seem to twist religion into whatever they want it to be. An angry person seeks out the war and brimstone in the Qu’ran, or the Bible, picking and choosing whichever bits seem right at that moment. They’re not representatives of anything.


3 Responses to “I’m back! And so are the Muslims Against the Crusades”

  1. Selli Nisrina June 22, 2010 at 4:44 pm #

    i pursuit what you wrote. i’m muslim and i think i feel the same way that you do. thank God there’s still a not racist person in this world. that’s all.

    • Jan June 22, 2010 at 5:13 pm #

      Nice, I liked your feelings and I am happy that there is not only one but a lot of people who are not racist. World is full of nice people thats why the world still exists.

      Sorry for my interference.

  2. Jan June 22, 2010 at 5:09 pm #

    Thanks for writing to the point. I will agree and strongly advise those people who find and quote the only verses from Quran and Bible which are in their favour, Yes you can give reference from any reliable book, but your reference should also cover the background senario of the verse.

    What I mean is there is a verse in Quran which says “Kill them (non muslins) where ever you find them”, now if I quote this verse and blame the whole muslim community that thier Allah orders them to kill non mulsims, that will be very cruel from every angle.

    Actually when we see the background and go into the context we will know that why this verse is revealed then we will know that it was revealed at the time of war especially in the war field, where both the muslim army and non muslim army are face to face, then Quran says something like Don’t show your back and fight them and kill them.

    There are a lot of such verses in Bible which if a person will quote without context the meaning will be totally different.

    Secondly, why one should raise finger on another, why one should bother that what is happening inside the house of his nighbour, unless there is serious illegal activity happening there.

    But we got the habbit that we need to point finger on others and ignore our own mistakes.

    Every one is answerable for his own deed not the deeds of others.

    For example if I am asking every christian priest that ” is it legal to have sex relations without marriage, what Bible says about it” ?

    I will be totally wrong if I am a muslim and I ask such question from christian priests, that will clearly means that I am going to show that my religion is better then theirs.

    Why dont I get full knowledge of my own religion and follow them rather then finding faults in other religions.

    Even if you are following your religion strictly that does not mean that you are superior then other fellows of your religion. You dont know only God knows that how much faith you have in your heart and when are you going to loose your faith.

    I think there are a lot of nicer ways to spread good deeds rather then negative approaches.

    My appologies if I have hurt anyone’s feeling.

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