Naive New Beaters – Live Good

24 Apr

Song of the Week

“I have a gift that I’ll never give… It’s called LIFE, man. Could you believe?”

I’m feeling so upbeat! My music will always reflect the weather, so here’s another happy one – its spring, it’s time to live good!

It’s time to bring out the kooky indie tracks I’ve had up my sleeve for a while… This is Naive New Beaters.

I really like the freshness of this song!

Here’s the warning – they’re a Parisian band, so excuse the weird lyrics… And I must say, the first few bars are misleading about this track’s quality. It’s not as bad as it sounds, honest.

It might be a bit roughly made but you can definitely feel the joy in it! I don’t think it matters what he’s saying because his jumpers do all the talking for him.

It’s a bit of a male Cansei de Ser Sexi vibe.

You need to watch the video all the way through just so you can see the pants made of foil! Awesome.

And if you can’t find anything you like about this song at all then “Don’t bother me with your attitude.

Will you please take your pills?”

Ah, Google translate. Another job well done.


One Response to “Naive New Beaters – Live Good”

  1. lonelylisa82 July 2, 2010 at 7:58 am #

    I saw this video randomly awhile back and have been trying to find it again ever since. Thank you for blogging this.


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