Who knew politics could be so childish?

30 Mar

So there’s these guys, right? Well, one’s tried to look a bit hotter by getting some Photoshop – I mean, who doesn’t do that?  

(…Anyone who wants to be taken seriously, and has nothing to hide)  

But like, this other guy found out! And then he just like blatantly took the piss out of him! Well out-of-order! Sooo funny though innit!!  

Yeah, my writing may have regressed back to all the way back to Essex in 2002, but this is actually about politics. It’s about the man who’s running our country and the man who wants to run our country!  

So let’s talk about the first “guy” for a second. Now, I’m all for respect in every facet of life, but I must point out that David Cameron looked like he belonged in Madam Tussaud’s. There is absolutely no wonder that bloggers all over the world (but mainly in the UK… who else cares enough?) decided to take the piss. He deserved it.  

David Cameron's Photo-Finish

He looks like something out of The Sims 3

On the other hand, I find it so much worse that Gordon Brown, the wrinkled face of stability, Prime Ministerial responsibility, and unadulterated, un-fun adultishness thought it was acceptable to allow this advert to grace the Labour Home page.  

Yeah, well, at least I don't wear make-up!

David Cameron's proper gay.

This advert – I don’t know of anyone that laughed at it in the way it was meant to be… It was more the idea that Labour thought it would make the lower echelons of society laugh. The people who actually think: “Yeah, well you’re gay” is a valid come back in an argument. Add this to the fact that they have even created a website, with tips from amazing Labour PR man Phillip Gould to help the public slate Cameron as efficiently as possible, in a campaign to let the public create the next Labour advert.  

The brief is: 

  1. Labour’s pledge to protect frontline investment in key services
  2. Highlight David Cameron’s lack of substance


Which boils down to: 

  1. My gang is betta than urs.
  2.  shagged David’s Mum. Ooooooooh.


Create your own, grown up advert at: http://www.labour.org.uk/labours-new-ad   



3 Responses to “Who knew politics could be so childish?”

  1. Alex March 30, 2010 at 6:24 pm #

    You speak a a lot of sense my love. How low can they go? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. xx

  2. Lalah-Simone Springer April 5, 2010 at 12:06 pm #

    It’s shocking, isn’t it?
    Really makes me want to not vote at all.
    I may vote for whoever’s the lowest in the polls, just so I can see what a hung parliament is going to be like.
    I’m curious!

  3. Alex April 10, 2010 at 12:02 pm #

    Oh I know! Having a B in As Gov and Pol kind of puts me in a position where I feel like I have to vote. Hell, I feel like everyone who can should. But the problem is, there has been such a breakdown that no party, and I mean no party, represents me. Labour most likely should have been getting my vote, but they’ve well and truly messed that one up. I vow to never vote for Cameron or the Tories, ever,ever,ever. The lib Dem’s are a bloody waste of space. I can’t vote Green because I hate energy efficient lightbulbs, and I’d rather take my own life than support the Bnp. Monster Raving Loony it is then?

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