Mayer Hawthorne & The County – Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out

17 Mar

Song of the Week

The English get their legs out at the first sign of sunshine. This is a song to play while huddled in Hyde Park, freezing and smiling. It’s a song that just oozes the idea of summers to come.

The old school, rare groove vibe is something that hasn’t been created in a long time – not since Corinne Bailey Rae’s floaty insta-classic ‘Put Your Records On,’ and it’s such a shame! It’s time to make classic soul mainstream, it’s so much better than most of the stuff that’s out now.

Time to make rare grooves a little less rare!

Mayer Hawthorne, a be-speckled white guy, really doesn’t look like the type to be spouting all this soul. Then again, he doesn’t look like a producer and multi-instrumentalist either.

I guess you just shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. You never know what could be inside!

Limited to 1000 copies!

Mayer Hawthorne's first record. Limited edition!

For the young r’n’b lovers, Hawthorne could be like hearing an echo without knowing what the true sound was. Soul connoisseur’s of all ages should be able to appreciate the laid back track Mayer has created.

Featured on the Guardian’s Band to Watch list, and spotted by Mark Ronson (you can imagine the trumpets, can’t you?) I think Mayer is one to look out for.

I think this is gonna work out.


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