Reclamation Retro

12 Mar
The first thing you should know is that I’m cheap.
I’m cheap, and I have a secret.

Her name is Hermie Andrews and she never throws anything away. If you follow the curve of her floral carpentry, up the stairs, you’ll come to a veritable treasure trove of vintage clothes.

Where else could I find a full length lace panel dress which was custom-made for my Mum by one of her arty friends before I was born?

vintage lace dress

A pretty good fit, I'd say.

I have absolutely nowhere to wear it, of course, but that’s not the point.

Vintage shopping is just more fun than regular shopping – you can kid yourself into thinking you’re saving money by getting things for so much less (depending on the shop, anyway), and you’re saving the planet too, because there aren’t a factory line of children in a third world country sewing up a thousand replicas of your outfit.

The chance to be different in this cookie-cutter world is one everyone should relish. We’ve all had that experience – you walk into a party feeling amazing, and realise that two people are wearing the same dress as you.

One of them will always look better than you.

If you can just find that relative who was a similar size and shape to you, a whole new wardrobe will open up before your eyes.

I love my Nan for never throwing good clothes away. And maybe one day I can pass this amazing dress on to someone who has somewhere to wear it!


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