Students Even Poorer Next Year

23 Feb

I wish.

Students may miss out on free money next year as many are oblivious to the support they are entitled to according to a university official.

Tuition fees could be as high as £7000 next year which means City students need to be aware of what they might be missing out on.

Tom Pearson, City’s Student Funds Officer said: “We have things like hardship funds open to all students, as well as loans and bursaries.

“We may give out fewer bursaries next year because some low income students might be put off going to university. In terms of proportion, there will probably be the same amount of students in hardship, if not more.”

However, students are willing to put themselves into debt in order to secure a better life. Recent graduate Kate-Lily de Graft-Johnson, 23, said: “People from the same background as me feel that University is the way to get a better life. I see it as an investment – I can always work off the debt.”

There are 2000 bursaries of £770 available to students paying full fees who took the full maintenance grant of £2906 out of 14,597 undergraduate students. However many students, especially those from poorer backgrounds are not aware of them.

Widening Participation and Projects Officer Thalia Anagnostopoulo said: “There’s a lot of misunderstanding about funding, especially from low-income families.”

The governmental review which proposed the soar in fees also suggested that poorer students may be put off by the price.

Regardless of the fees, some young people feel that getting a degree is essential. Anagnostopoulo said: “Fees will be a barrier, but no more than they were before.”

Universities Secretary Lord Mandelson said last week that many students will have to miss out on university places, in favour of apprenticeships.


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