Pay the People back!

13 Oct

Michael Fabricant
MP Michael Fabricant: Fees Office to blame

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant is calling an inquiry into the failings of the Fees Office, who he suggests did not recognise and correct errors on expenses claims.

Fabricant said: “If some MPs made totally improper claims under the rules that existed at the time, why were those claims paid?”

Some of the public do agree that the audit being carried out by Sir Thomas Legg is unfair.

Sue, 45, a HR Consultant said: “It wasn’t the rules at the time, so why should we backdate it? We have to draw a line in the sand and say this is how it’s going to be from now on.”

Gordon Brown decided to back the audit against the will of many of his party members.

In a recent interview he said: “We have got to consign the old, discredited system to the dustbin of history. We are determined to have a new system.”

70% of the public back the Prime Minister’s move and think if MPs break the new rules they should pay up without contest.

Mehmet, 30, a flower seller said: “They’re in a position of authority so they should have an even bigger penalty!”

Elaine, 55, a pensioner from West London also said: “They’ve got away with murder. This is not on. Why should I subsidise them?”

Mr Fabricant has been told by Sir Thomas Legg that he will not have to repay any money.


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